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Welcome to LIVS! We focus on Wellness, Preventative Medicine, Healing & and Integrative approaches.

London Integrative Veterinary services formerly Dillard Animal Hospital, was established in order to meet the increasing demands to provide integrative & individualized whole-pet medical care to our companion animal patients.

What does Integrative Medicine at LIVS mean?

Integrative medicine is a style of medicine that incorporates high standards of conventional western medicine practices with evidence-based natural, complementary or eastern-based medicine methods.

A thorough workup is key, and this doesn’t mean a quick 15 mins examination and out the door with a bag of medications. Our approach will address the symptoms as they are presented, however, they will also look at lifestyle, previous medical history, diet, behaviour, energy, stress factors and environment. We often encourage bloodwork and a thorough examination along with a detailed history in order to gather a baseline and then we formulate a custom plan that allows caregivers to have a choice on which direction may align with you and your pet’s needs.

One of the goals with the whole-istic approach treatment is to dig deeper and resolve or ease those primary ailments or diseases.

Dr. Laura Palumbo


Dr. Laura Palumbo is the founder of London Integrative Veterinary Services. She has always had a personal interest in integrative care and understands and believes the importance of combining conventional and alternative medicine in order to provide her patients with individualized care and a pathway to healing.

“People choose natural evidence- based medicine for themselves and they are seeking other options for their furry family members. I love being able to use various modalities to provide the most well-rounded care to the patients that were entrusted to me by their caregivers. When conventional medicine may offer no other options, complementary medicine can provide alternatives and support your pet further in their life journey”

Dr. Laura and her team are well-known for providing dedicated and personalized care to patients in a home-based setting as well. Dr. Laura enjoys developing lasting relationships with her clients and their pets. Dr. Palumbo is an active member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies.

Dr. Sharon Howard


Dr. Sharon graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2002. In her 20 years of practice, Dr. Sharon has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is passionate about helping families and pets, and will work with you to provide the best care for your furry friend.

Dr. Sharon understands the bond you have with your pet and provides effective, practical and compassionate care. Every pet and every situation is unique and deserves a personalized plan. Dr. Sharon looks forward to meeting with you and your pet at the London Integrative Veterinary Service clinic or in the comfort and security of your own.

Dr. Tiffany Learn


Dr. Tiffany brings with her over a decade of experience in the fields of primary care and emergency medicine. She is currently offering acupuncture at our clinic using traditional Chinese medicine to help care for palliative patients, and patients with chronic pain or paralysis. When not working she enjoys hanging out with her cats.

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Our Services
Emergency services available exclusively for our clients

Preventative Screening

London Integrative Veterinary Services is keen on preventative health and natural approaches. We offer early detection screening to help you pinpoint potential health issues as early as possible.

Nutritional Plans

Find the right treatment plan and nutritional balance for your pet. Our expertise means that we can help you tailor your companion animal’s meals to ensure they’re getting the ideal meal balance for a healthier lifestyle. This includes nutritional analysis and digestive recommendations. We support alternative feeding options. Ask us for details.


Every surgery is done with safety in mind and our team works hard to handle everything from minor surgeries to more specialized surgeries with the same attention to detail. We also provide alternative to the regular surgical spay and neuter procedures.

Dental Preventative Care, Dental Surgery & Digital Radiography

Maintaining oral health is key to overall organ function.  We encourage a clean healthy mouth but we also understand that we will encounter dogs and cats that may need some extra TLC.  We can provide all your dental cleaning and surgical needs (should extractions be required) and if we feel your cat or dog requires specialty dental care, we can also set that referral up for you.

Ozone therapy

There are many scientific publications supporting the use of ozone for various ailments from cancer to inflammation in general.  This is a modality that we combine into our therapies on a case-to-case basis.

Therapeutic Laser

We use laser therapy in our cats and dogs to support ligament, tendon, bone, disc disease, chronic bladder issues, as well as for wound healing. Sometimes certain surgeries can be avoided by using Laser therapy on a regular basis coupled with other modalities to support the body and allow it to heal naturally.


Through the use of various supplements (eg. Probiotics and Digestive enzymes) we can help our cats and dogs maintain optimal health, heal faster, and eliminate toxins more easily.

Herbal Therapy

We offer non-pharmaceutical, natural options for various conditions through the use of Chinese and Western herbals.  This is not one-size-fits-all.  This is another modality that requires more than just an exam!

In-Home Veterinary Care

We understand that each pet has their own individual needs. We offer home vet visit services for both preventative care as well as palliative end-of-life care. Receiving care in the comfort of their own home is ideal for geriatric patients as well as special needs patients. We also understand that you as a caregiver may not have access to transportation. We can come to you!

In-home Euthanasia & Aftercare Services

Offering integrative medicine allows for several other options with respect to palliative care. Home euthanasia allows caregivers and their beloved pets to be at home together at this time whether in their favourite place outdoors or their comfy bed, they are able to spend their last moments together in a familiar and peaceful environment. Euthanasia is only performed when all the options have been explored and palliative care options have been discussed with your veterinarian.

Pet Transport & Product delivery

If you require transport for your cat or dog (ask us about size restrictions etc.) please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you. We also have delivery services for products you may require.

Telemedicine Consultations

Call us to book a telemedicine consult. Are you an existing client? Or someone new who is in need of consultation regarding your pet’s needs or end of life questions? Let us try and help you. Book time to speak with one of our Veterinarians or qualified support staff.

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Special Notice

Due to the current shortage of veterinarians, it has become more challenging to offer after -hours care for your pets. If you are certain your pet needs immediate medical care after-hours, please contact SmartVet (more information below) for a consultation. They will help direct you to an available clinic if needed, or provide medical assistance.

Please be aware that there is a fee for the SmartVet services which is paid directly through their website and is separate from our clinic, their fees will not include any potential follow up fees at London Integrative Veterinary Services if required. Other options would be:

Hamilton Regional Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Campus Estates Animal Hospital (Guelph)

Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital

OVC (Ontario Veterinary Clinic) Emergency

We are now offering after-hours consultations with an Ontario licensed veterinarian through a new partnership with Smart.Vet. To submit a request, please click the Smart.Vet link below to get started.

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